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Meet Our Sponsors

They help us empower sports entertainment's next generation of content creators, creatives, and marketing leaders. We encourage you to support them.

Summit Host

Minnesota Timberwolves

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Minnesota Lynx

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Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are setting the standard for a modern sports and entertainment brand that shapes a better tomorrow for all. A Major League Baseball club based in the Twin Cities, the organization has contributed to the fabric of life in the upper Midwest since 1961; has made its award-winning home ballpark of Target Field a premier entertainment destination; and is dedicated to cultivating diverse voices, perspectives and experiences to build a better us. The club is inspired by a past that has brought the joy of two World Series titles, three American League pennants and 12 division championships; it is emboldened by an ever-present connection with, and commitment to, its community; and is driven by a future of winning baseball, industry-leading innovation and impact-driven philanthropy. For more information, please visit

Summit Host

Minnesota Vikings

As a valued member of the community, the Vikings are known for their commitment to outreach and charitable work through the Minnesota Vikings Foundation and support for high school and youth football programs, wellness and nutrition. The Vikings organization prides itself on its competitive spirit, strong work ethic and civic involvement and is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for its fan base around the world. This unwavering commitment to excellence has perpetuated the Minnesota Vikings respected footprint not only in the NFL but in all of professional sports. For more information, please visit

Minnesota Vikings
Content Distribution Sponsor


Greenfly empowers organizations to automate the collection, organization, and distribution of digital media assets to individuals or groups of any size, helping you to harness the power of your biggest advocates to increase social media reach and engagement and attract younger audiences. Sharing short-form digital media can also quickly boost revenue from brand partners and media rights holders. Each Creators of Color cohort member utilizes Greenfly to conveniently and efficiently access shareable content to amplify their program participation and spotlight themselves and their peers. For more information, please visit

Visual Media Sponsor


PhotoShelter is the leading Digital Asset Management platform to effortlessly manage, collaborate, and share visual media with the world. PhotoShleter for Photographers is the professional way to grow a photography business by sharing, storing, and selling work without compromise. PhotoShelter for Brands allows an organization to store, organize, access, and share content effortlessly with the fastest media asset management tool for creative teams. For more information, please visit

Supporting Sponsor

United States Tennis Association

Diversity & Inclusion is integral to the USTA mission of promoting and developing the growth of tennis and has been a formal area of focus, with a team in place to lead our efforts, since 2004. And while we haven’t always gotten it right, we are committed to striving for equity and leveling the playing field of opportunity for all. Attracting, engaging and retaining a new generation of diverse tennis participants is a key to our future relevance as a sport and our ongoing success as a national governing body. At the USTA, we celebrate the open format—the idea that anyone from anywhere should be able to play and compete. That’s the driving force behind our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, designed to grow and promote our sport to the next generation—and future generations—of fans, players and volunteers. For more information, please visit

Supporting Sponsor


On the day Fallon opened its doors without a single client, it did so under the headline, “A new advertising agency for companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them.” More than 40 years later, and this mantra is unwavering. We are a creatively-led agency who pinned our public reputation on our commitment to smarts. Smart brands create something of value in the world: entertainment value, social value, and belief value. Smart brands are additive to peoples’ lives and to culture. They help build ideas in the world, and they leave something behind. For more information, please visit

Photography Agency Partner

Travis Ellison Productions

Travis Ellison Productions has a focus within the Sports and Entertainment industries providing a number of content creation and marketing services. We provide services through photography, videography, podcast production, content planning, and more. For more information, please visit

Video Agency Partner


Crossovr Collective is a group of visionaries focused on disrupting traditional models of sports and entertainment marketing by integrating culturally relevant initiatives through brand partnerships. Through the use of branded content and experiential engagements, every project is customized to meet the clients' individual needs while creating a full 360 touchpoint experience. For more information, please visit

Design Agency Partner

Dimes Studio

Dimes Studio is a boutique full-service sports branding and design studio based out of sunny Los Angeles, CA. Led by award-winning creative director and designer, Jesse Wu—a Creators of Color 2021 cohort honoree—we create stunning visual identities, iconic logos, and impactful social and marketing content to elevate brands to meet and exceed their goals. For more information, please visit